Like each polar experience

An invitation to the universal intimacy


« Antarctic organic feminine » is made of nine mouldings in composite materials, from original argil sculptures, human size, created by Oïjha and painted in Prussian blue with pure 24 carats gold leaves. They are framed in black (Black 2.0 paint) frames, 22 x 22 cm, made to be set in a shape of a square in 3 x 3.


« Antarctic organic feminine » is a representation of the sensoriality of the female human in a polar environment. It makes the link between the sacred and the profane, the flesh and the immaterial, the tangible and the eternal. It is a celebration of the sentient. The sensations of the physical body and the emotions make the link inside and outside of us to the most precious things. The sensation of being deals with infinity, specially when, in the darkness, appears a feminine cosmos with gold constellations drawing like a secret code, a unique combination of pleasure, the link between the being and the non-being, the ultimate concentration of the flesh and its ultimate spray in space. Between matter and energy, mortality and eternity, « Antarctic organic feminine » represents an access point, an entry, a door. As such, it echoes the painting « Fontanelle » and the Land Art « Antarctic consciousness ».


The symbolic aspect of it is important and reflects the myth of the creation from the origins in the initial Chaos, and also the square shape with the four cardinal points of our universe. Using the black colour, absorbing all light, makes the center blue shape vibrant, like an echo to the preference of being rather than the Nothing. Like in all Oïjha’s creations, the use of pure gold refers to light turned into matter, the existence of the human consciousness in the infinity of the moment : here is the link, the spark, the difference between life and death, highlighting the Origin of the World. Presented in a wall, in front of the spectator, these creations look like faces whose silent lips echo the original song of Maïa. In response to the Christian iconography, « Antarctic organic feminine » is a tribute to the religion of being, the love of life « per se », the divinity at the very core of the human.


In our daily life, « Antarctic organic feminine » questions the encounter between man and woman and the way the sentient is intrinsically transcendental. In mirror, it is an invitation made to the man to draw his own sensitive map. Considering the Fundamental Rights, it targets the inhuman nature of excision as depriving the woman from her right to transcendence and also, in an other way, the general censorship and sensorial deprivations made to women based on religious or moral beliefs. « Antarctic organic feminine » is « what is now », the consciousness of carrying in oneself its own divinity, its potential of rebirth, reincarnation through motherhood with sacred doors separating the « fish-human » stage from the « mammal-human » stage. It is a meditation with and through the body in every dimension of its sensoriality : senses of sight, smell, taste, ear and touch. Emotional landscape, it is the message stating that living transcendence makes us fully human. Sensitive organic poetry, « Antarctic organic feminine » is, like each polar experience, an invitation to the universal intimacy.