The Puisi Kintsugi Collection

Pearls after pearls

I have sewn in your scars

Our feminine names

Weaving the link

The unconditional love


To reach you

Primal animal


Pearl after pearl

I have sewn in your scars

Our feminine prayers

Back in the Line

Welcoming forgiveness


Each of the secret chants

Millenary healing

Emergency of the Present Time

Pearls after pearls

I have sewn in your scars

Our feminine gratefulness

Wearing the dress made with your skin

Beloved seal

Your fur has the colour of water

And its surface reveals

The love from the abysses

Puisi Kintsugi is a Tribute-Collection of dresses to the Inuit People, inspired by the Japanese art of « kintsugi » : healing, repairing and enhancing scars with gold. It is the innovative idea of the French artist Oïjha to use this traditionnal knowledge with Greenlandic seal - « puisi » - fur for a wearable purpose, turning the natural seal scars into precious treasures. The ethics of Puisi Kintsugi is dedicated to heal our scars and those of our ancestors, reaching our common animal. It is a celebration of Life.

The complete collection

Dress #1

Dress #2

Dress #3

Dress #4

Dress #5

Dress #6

Dress #7

CITES Convention

The Puisi Kintsugi Tribute-Collection is hand made with seal furs certified by the CITES Convention from a traditional hunt conducted by Inuit communities for subsistence purposes. It is dedicated to celebrate the Inuit People as a Heritage of Mankind.

Be aware with Alethea Arnaquq-Baril's movie:

Angry Inuk

The Puisi Kintsugi Collection was made during the residency "Artists in the Arctic" onboard the ship Le Manguier, Akunnaaq, Greenland 2020.

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Puisi Kintsugi copyright Oïjha 2020

All rights reserved

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