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Créations éphémères


Growth of Antarctic Mindful Modern Art

«  Adelie Land welcomes for the first time contemporary art 

in a brave and innovative perspective ».

Cécile Pozzo di Borgo, Prefect, High Commissioner

of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands

« Oïjha did it :

to bring the visitor to feel the spectacular and powerful energy of this polar environment ».

Dr. Yves Frenot, Director

of the French Polar Institute



"This exhibition, located in the very core of the Dumont d’Urville station, echoes and resonates with the spectacular beauty of the frozen landscape around us".

Serge Fuster

Head of the Adelie Land District


One day there was no night
Only in bright light
An axis of Gold


GAMMA is the result of an experiment linking human intimacy with the universe. In Antarctica, between the extreme environment and the human fragility, the extra-cosmos and the intra-cosmos, emerges a new consciousness, the reason for our presence in the world. GAMMA is meant to share this experience with the exhibition of seven paintings dedicated to the women and men who work on the White Continent. These paintings are an invitation to contact our deepest values and our highest aspirations for awareness of the utmost values of Antarctica: peace, science, and environmental protection.
This contemporary art collection is a premiere in Antarctica. It is a minimalist art expedition and a tribute to this unique region of the world. It will offer both a sense of the deep and profound, plus the light and more optimistic: with the Profound Paintings as an introspection to the reasons regarding the "why’s?" of our presence; and the Light Paintings  to invite a much brighter future prospect, with projections regarding the "what for?" meaning of our actions.

GAMMA is meant to promote the incredible natural values of Antarctica through a scientific approach of our past and future world, but also through a sensitive, philosophical and poetic perception of it. Because feeling as a human being in Antarctica is a very unique experience, this exhibition is a taste of this state of consciousness, concentrated in the very essence of our self, sensations, perceptions, mindful of our five senses and mindful of our actions in time and space. GAMMA is an invitation to connect with the best part of us.


This exhibition follows the first polar explorations where science was linked to art to promote knowledge around the world. As an pioneer art expedition, it is an invitation to poetry and a powerful tool for the transmission of the Antarctic values worldwide.

My gratefulness to the French polar partners

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