Oïjha is a visual artist, dancer and poet born in 1981 in Caen, Normandy, France. Her inspiration raises from the Polar Regions. In her Land Art projects, she has been painting gold circles both in the Arctic and the Antarctic, as a sign of the humain mindful consciousness on Earth.


In Antarctica, she is selected in 2017 by the French government to achieve "GAMMA - the first art exhibition in Adelie Land". Her creation is finalist of the « Berlin International Social Art Award ». In the Arctic, she is part of the art residencies « Artists in the Arctic » onboard the ship « Le Manguier », where she achieved the creations "Auroras Corpus" and "ANORI". As a member of the association « Les Amis du Manguier », she is now continuing her creations in polar regions.


As a certified therapist, Oïjha also organizes « Art and Therapy » classes.


Oïjha finds her inspiration in meditation. Her research is focuced on the Essence of things and humain beings. Very much contemplative, her message is about the feeling of being in the Circle of Nature. She wants to show the sensitive and infinite side of life. In her art, she uses visual arts but also dance, sculpture and poetry, using natural materials such as sea urshins, pure gold, volcanic sand, ice… In every creation, she contacts her inner chaman to make the link between the visible and invisible worlds.

Couverture Echo Timbrologie 1936 fev 201

"Polar Code.

I am the reindeer with endless branches,

the orca and the seal.

In my sleep comes a dream from the cosmos,

the inner cells.

I can smell it.

I dive into it.

Here comes the journey.

Here comes the move.

Dancing, painting, dancing again.

No plan. No will.

Exploration only.

Gold as a light. 

Giving birth to a universal intimacy".